We at Bengi’s Birdtours Gambia pride ourselves on our ability to provide a more friendly and personal service by keeping our birdtour groups smaller than major tour companies. This enables us to be flexible in our approach to cost, duration of trips and locations visited.
Everything can be included in our birdtours - transport, breakfast, lunch, cold drinks and accommodation - when and where required.

Sample Tours

Brufut woods

1/2 Day Tour

Brufut Woods is a community-organised bird sanctuary. It's a one of the few well-preserved coastal, dry forests in The Gambia making it a brilliant site for woodland birding.

Tanji Bird Reserve

1/2 Day Tour

This bird reserve protects 6km2 of coastline including Cape Bald, The Gambia’s only offshore islands. It has a rich variety of habitats, including sandy beaches, tidal lagoons, mangrove swamps, barren flats, coastal scrub and dry savannah woodland.


1 Day Tour

An area between Pirang village and the River Gambia with 70 man-made shrimp farming pools. The pools are out of use and mostly drained, thus birds like the regal black-crowned crane have taken over. Also spoonbills, egrets, kingfishers, waders and other waterbirds can be spotted.


"Bengi is exceptionally friendly and talented as a bird guide. He recognised birds flying far away, knew the species listed in our Gambia bird guides and knew where to find them. We had two other guides in The Gambia but Bengi was the most meticulous and patient."